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Olive oil-nutmeg waxing

For waxing intimate areas, as well as around lips, eyebrows, armpit I use only premium quality wax removed with hands. While waxing I work with the mixture of two kinds of wax: one of them contains nutmeg, the other olive oil. I only use paper wax strips for epilating arms and legs. Among professional waxes it is also an absolutely high quality product. As I do not use transparent wax, you do not have to be afraid of your clothes sticking in the residue of wax.

During waxing I particularly pay attention to hygiene. In every case I use disposable paper sheet on the couch. You can make sure personally that it really ends up in the dustbin when finishing the treatment.

Besides hygiene I put the same effort into skin soothing, regenerating after treatment. Some tea tree oil, chamomile, aloe vera or calendula skin soothing cream will be applied onto the waxed skin. Waxing is worth doing on a monthly basis. If you fix an appointment for the first time, you have to know that the hair must be minimum 0,5 cm to be able to remove by wax from the roots. So unfortunately I cannot do anything with two day shaved hair.

After waxing sunbathing or using sunbeds should be avoided.
Sunburns or inflamed skin must not be waxed.