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Are you craving smooth, soft skin without wrinkles?
Cannot cope with pimples? No help from the wonder products of drugstores?
We know the solution! Choose our skin renewal treatment!

Currently the most effective and gentle exfoliating method. During treatment the dead epidermal cells are evenly removed by fine crystal powder, thus giving way to rich active ingredients applied after the treatment.


– With its application fast, spectacular and long lasting results can be achieved when treating inflamed, acne-prone skins with pimples and loose pores.
– Has long lasting effects on treating scars, pigmented spots.
– Can be applied excellently for treating wrinkles, crow’s feet. Its application is particularly recommended together with no-needle mesotherapy.
– Improves skin breathing, enhances skin’s water binding ability.
– Boosts the production of collagen fibres, improving the suppleness of skin.


– With this exfoliation intensity can be customized, so it does not cause wounds.
– The therapy is painless without side effects. Does not cause peeling.
– Versus traditional exfoliation here no acidic chemical substance is used at all, so the danger of allergy can be ruled out.

When is microdermabrasion recommended?

  • Before a squeezing treatment, the extraction of pimples and blackheads is much easier and less painful.
  • Before nourishing, regenerating treatments it can be applied instead of peeling, e.g. face massage, ultrasonic treatment.
  • Particularly recommended before a no-needle mesotherapy treatment, facilitates the quicker and deeper absorption of active ingredients.
  • Eliminating scars, pigmented spots.
  • Inflamed, acne-prone, enlarged pore skins, for teenagers.
  • To keep the long lasting result a course of 5 treatments is suggested. Weekly, two weekly 1 treatment is recommended.

When buying a season pass of 5 treatments 1 is our gift!
You can have it discounted with other beauty facial treatments:
Instead of 5500 HUF for only 4500 HUF.

Application areas of microdermabrasion

  • Large pores
  • Inflammation, acne, pimples
  • Pigmented spots
  • Scars
  • Fine lines and deeper wrinkles
  • Loose connective tissue, sagging, loose skin
  • Striae