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Belnatur, the Spanish natural cosmetics - Somlai-Ács Veronika
+36 20 450 0639


Belnatur, the Spanish natural cosmetics

Belnatur professional cosmetics do not contain
parabens and mineral oil derivatives!

I work only with professional cosmetics in my salon. During my facials I use the world-class natural cosmetic products of Belnatur. All their active ingredients used are natural. The origin of the brand name also refers to that: in Spanish belleza means natural beauty. The treasures of the sea and the active ingredients of herbs, flowers, roots are used in the products.

I am delighted that besides the high quality of the product line it is moderately priced compared to other natural cosmetics of similar quality. Due to this I can make my clients’ skin fresher and more radiant at absolutely reasonable prices so that they can remain young not only in spirit but in their looks, too.

Besides choosing cosmetics I put significant focus on using the most up-to-date cosmetic equipment and devices
acknowledged by dermatologists as well.

  • Microdermabrasion
  • No-needle mesotherapy
  • Ultrasound

I am able to find solution to every kind of skin problem!
Feel free to contact me.

  • Treating teenage, man, mature skin
  • Treating the problems of oily skin
  • Treating wrinkled, sagging, loose skin
  • Regenerating skin damages of sunburn, sunbed,smoking
  • Eliminating pigmented spots, scars, liver spots
  • Solutions to sensitive, irritation-prone, rosacea skin

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